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Saturday, April 15, 2006
I got this as an email. Not making any judgements about it - it is just interesting...

Some interesting facts about so-called "bird-flu"

Do you know that 'bird flu' was discovered in Vietnam 9 years ago?

Do you know that barely 100 people have died in the whole world in all that time?

Do you know that it was the Americans who alerted us to the efficacy of the human antiviral TAMIFLU as a preventative.

Do you know that TAMIFLU barely alleviates some symptoms of the common flu?

Do you know that its efficacy against the common flu is questioned by a great part of the scientific community?

Do you know that against a SUPPOSED mutant virus such as H5N1, TAMIFLU barely alleviates the illness?

Do you know that to date Avian Flu affects birds only?

Do you know who markets TAMIFLU? - ROCHE LABORATORIES.

Do you know who bought the patent for TAMIFLU from ROCHE LABORATORIES in 1996?GILEAD SCIENCES INC.

Do you know who was the then president of GILEAD SCIENCES INC. and remains a major shareholder? - DONALD RUMSFELD, the present Secretary of Defence of the USA.

Do you know that the base of TAMIFLU is crushed aniseed?

Do you know who controls 90% of the world's production of this tree? ROCHE.>

Do you know that sales of TAMIFLU were over $254 million in 2004 and more than $1000 million in 2005?

Do you know how many more millions ROCHE can earn in the coming months if the business of fear continues?

So the summary of the story is as follows: Bush's friends decide that the medicine TAMIFLU is the solution for a pandemic that has not yet occurred and that has caused a hundred deaths worldwide in 9 years.This medicine doesn't so much as cure the common flu.In normal conditions the virus does not affect humans.Rumsfeld sells the patent for TAMIFLU to ROCHE for which they pay him a fortune. Roche acquires 90% of the global production of crushed aniseed, the base for the antivirus. The governments of the entire world threaten a pandemic and then buy industrial quantities of the product from Roche. So we end up paying for medicine while Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush doe the business.

posted by michael the tubthumper @ 8:41 am  
  • At 10:37 am, Blogger a rose is a rose said…

    my doctor wrote me out a prescription for tamiflu last year. it was unsolicited but he did it because when i asked for my annual flu shot, he said they didn't have any. we (america) have for at least the last two years effed up on ordering flu shots. i tore up the prescription once i got outside.

    in a team meeting at work the other day, it was brought up that my international company DID INDEED HAVE PLANS FOR THE BIRD FLU. (whew, i could finally sleep finding THAT out). it was a long and convoluted story but that was the gist of it. i had to bite my tongue

  • At 5:19 pm, Blogger GraemeAnfinson said…

    doesn't surprise me at all. the people in charge of the western world are the scum of the earth

  • At 6:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I reckon the UK media gleefully await more Bird Flu instances, just so that they can be in on the action.
    Pretty soon we'll see Bush and Blair standing up together announcing "War on Birdflu", finding some common ground on which to deliver their forthcoming policy plans....
    "Citizens of the peace loving democracies, stand up against birdflu! Show this destructive enemy that we will not be defeated by its saddistic meaures! Prepare yourselves to fight birdflu!" -- Swith to Tamiflu ad...

  • At 9:15 pm, Blogger Peacechick Mary said…

    I think many Americans researched the bird flu thing and became wise to the scam, but there is a lot of pressure from the Bu$hcos for the Tamiflu to be force sold to pharmacies and other countries. I, fo one do not get flu shots, nor am I slightly interested in their hokey solutions. Good post, thumper.

  • At 4:54 pm, Blogger Delescluze said…

    Aniseed, eh? So if we all take lots of pastis, Pernod etc we'll be just fine and dandy? Bring it on.

  • At 6:59 pm, Anonymous Charles said…

    Good research! Another example of the medicalisation of society. Demand creation for just profits. I must note though that these guys accuse tubthumper for antiamericanism, in

  • At 8:15 pm, Blogger Nölff said…

    I invented birdflu in 1983 when I invented Hot Pockets when I folded my sandwich over.

    American's get blamed for birdflu... damn. that's crazy.

  • At 2:55 am, Blogger michael the tubthumper said…

    over on that site it says that in this post 'I' say all of these things.

    this neatly avoids what i said at the start of the post.. to reiterate..

    "I got this as an email. Not making any judgements about it - it is just interesting..."

    he doesn't deny any of the things mentioned in the post either. it is like they are saying i am suggesting the US invented bird flu - which is ridiculous.

    also, i have made plenty of points about stupid brits and other nationalities as well.

    as far as anti-americanism goes i think it is a weird concept. it is a concept that you don't see outside of totalitarian socitieties. anti-soviet was a big crime, anti-nazi was too. go to sweden and see if they are accusing each other of being anti-swedish or un-swedish. it is an absurd proposition to begin with.

    as to being a political joke...well, partly. i preface about 30% of my posts with 'i think this is funny' (see above post)

    thanks for the pointer charles.

  • At 9:19 am, Blogger justin barker said…

    Ever read Orynx and Crake by Margaret Atwood? You never know what might be in those pills.

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