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Saturday, April 01, 2006
During all the cartoon row, which I personally think was deliberatly whipped up by leaders in all of the places to help foster an Us against them attitude, one of the things that kept being repeated was that christians don't go nuts like that when someone slags off their religion.

So I thought I should compile a little list...

Protesters have staged a demonstration outside a Devon theatre which is staging the first performance in a UK tour of Jerry Springer - The Opera.

Complaints from religious campaigners have led to supermarkets withdrawing comedy DVDs from shelves.

Conservative Christian groups across the country are protesting a film about the life of sex researcher Alfred C. Kinsey, calling it a Hollywood whitewash of the man they hold largely responsible for the sexual revolution and a panoply of related ills, from high divorce rates to AIDS and child abuse.

The catholic church condemned Monty Pythons 'Life of Brian' for being blasphemous. They also attempted to have 'The Meaning of Life' banned because of the song 'Every Sperm is Sacred'.

The church in England also succeeded in pressuring the publishers of a book thats proceeds went to famine relief withdrawn from sale because of a short story called 'The Gospel According to a Sheep' which tells the nativity story from the point of view of one of the sheep.

This is just two minutes worth of research. There are much more extreme examples.

So the next time someone talks to you about tolerant Christians and intolerant Muslims you will know what to say.

For the record, I was brought up in a Catholic School and hate the dogmas that ALL religions put forward as solutions.
posted by michael the tubthumper @ 12:12 pm  
  • At 1:35 pm, Blogger a rose is a rose said…

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  • At 1:35 pm, Blogger a rose is a rose said…

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  • At 1:39 pm, Blogger a rose is a rose said…

    good posting michael! thanks for all of the links. great to see the OTHER SIDE as well (as it always is)

    i too went to catholic school (for a while, not all the way) so i can say this with great sympathy and understanding, SORRY

    (blogger seems to be having problems AGAIN with the comments. hope it works this time)

  • At 3:32 pm, Blogger GraemeAnfinson said…

    christians just had a summit in Washington called "the war against christians" they love to feel oppressed

  • At 10:33 pm, Blogger Jason H. Bowden said…

    Can *any* of you tell the difference between calls for censorship and calls for genocide? Both are evil, but not all evil is created equal.

    Remember what the protesting signs said?




    This is all in the UK. As we have seen on 9/11, the Beslan school massacre, the bombings in London and Madrid and so forth, these people are willing to act on these beliefs. My favorite Muzzie cartoon protester is a woman from Pakistan who had a sign that said


    Who knows what Hitler has to do with Danish cartoons, but I guess The Joooooos are involved somehow. Fascists of the Islamic variety couldn't be more explicit about their beliefs and intentions. If we can't help Islamic moderates and reformers keep power in their own lands, the only other alternatives are Dhimmitude or World War.

  • At 12:03 am, Blogger Guerrillas in the Midst said…


    It seems like the morally responsible types are being critical of people who are more or less part of their own tradition. These parties typically have their boots on others' necks, hence the resistance you see before you.

    Chaffbrain colonialist lapdogs tend to point the finger at others in order to negate/obfuscate their very own nastiness. Each and every time I read one of your impulsively written meanderings, I'm ledto believe you don't actually read and reflect upon the posts that you comment on.

    So, really, you really ought to be able to understand how dumb people can be when they are frustrated, angry, and politically impotent and make signs such as the ones you keep bringing up. Look in the mirror.

  • At 3:27 am, Blogger michael the tubthumper said…

    jason, of course there is a difference but i believe that some christian beliefs are as follows...

    let he who is without sin cast the first stone

    if your enemy strikes you on the right cheek you should offer him the left

    so as a question i would like you to consider this... who would jesus bomb?

  • At 4:04 am, Blogger Left of Center said…

    Mr Bowden,Christians don't have to call for genicide because they run everything. But as to the post, i think all "religion" is fucked up. Keep it to yourselves folks.

  • At 6:06 pm, Blogger Keir said…

    When a Dutch citizen murdered Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh last year, "christian" groups firebombed a couple of unrelated schools. I guess the perps felt it was a legitimate interpretation of the teachings of Christ and would land them a place up in the clouds when they die of old age in peace, tranquillity, and racial and cultural purity.

    People like Jason find it easy to discuss how backward and evil they think Islam is, but shy away from dealing with the essential antagonistic nature of religion generally, Christianity especially, and the West very obviously.

  • At 1:51 am, Blogger Jason H. Bowden said…


    If Jesus, the great hippie of antiquity, lived in Iran today, he would turn the other cheek and let himself be executed. Jesus was an idiot-- there is nothing moral about self-hatred, let alone suicide.

    I'm puzzled how perfectionists in politics arrive at the view that anything that is less than perfect is equally evil. Nobody is perfect, but that doesn't mean calls for censorship are calls for mass murder. Not all acts of evil are equally evil.

    keir --

    I'm an atheist. I have no problem criticizing Buddhism, Christianity, or Hinduism. But I'm fair. Jew-hating fascists are being excused from criminal behavior and openly pursuing totalitarian politics because they follow Islam. One can't shrug this stuff off and say everyone is fascist. Europeans in particular have a history of fascist behavior and should know better.

  • At 1:57 pm, Blogger michael the tubthumper said…

    jason - i didn't say it was equally evil. the point i was making was about casting the first stone. this is not meant ot imply that there is an equivalence.

    also, one of the things about those protests is that they were over hyped on both sides.

    i don't know if you like her or not but when ann coulter and people like her call for mass murder do you criticise them too?

    i think the comment about europeans in particular having a history of fascist behaviour shows a deep level of misunderstanding

  • At 1:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This girl i know back home is a Christian, and i am on her ministry mailing list, which I am glad for, because it's pretty amusing... Last week i received a mail saying "Dear Friends, I have decided to quit ministry. God is telling me to work for Starbucks." I always suspected God might be a capitalist, and chances are He has shares in Starbucks too!

  • At 4:10 pm, Blogger Jason H. Bowden said…


    I'll say it. Ann Coulter is human scum. Will you condemn the actual jihadists in your neck of the woods, like the Frenchman Zacarias Moussaoui, along with their sympathizers that protest in places like Finsbury Park?

  • At 1:03 pm, Blogger michael the tubthumper said…

    jason. of course i condemn suicide bombing. to look at the reasons for something is not to condone or like it.

    an example.. if a battered wife killed her husband it would be a horrible tragedy (ALL things considered). one way to stop this would have been for the husband to stop battering her. your way seems to be that the husband should batter more and harder so that she won't think of retaliating.

    very civilised i don't think. it wouldn't/won't work either

  • At 1:39 pm, Anonymous Are We Not Men? We are Devo said…

    "Can *any* of you tell the difference between calls for censorship and calls for genocide?"

    You see, Jason, if I call for censorship, I am calling for the suspension of free public discourse by the state. If I call for genocide, I call for the systematic destruction of an ethnic group. There is a very simple explanation for the signs you mentioned (assuming they are factual, and you seem to get everything else wrong): they were calls for genocide, not for censorship. They were hardly moral exhortations on the state, were they? You are quite aware that there is a degree of hyperbole in slogans; you see worse than that at Israeli demonstrations and in the Israeli press (I know because I follow it).

    Your conception of "fascism" never rises above mudslinging, slander, and attempts to prove "guilt by association." Fascism is a philosophy of state power; contemporary Islamism is a philosophy of resistance to imperial power, however aesthetically displeasing you might find it.

    Clearly, you are one of those decadent Europeans who feels the need to retroactively "protect" Jews from the Holocaust, as if it was perpetrated by Arabs. In truth, "Islamists" (e.g. Hamas) are often conducting (morally and legally) legitimate resistance campaigns, however much I disagree with their approach to women and, well, booze.

    "Jew-hating fascists are being excused from criminal behavior and openly pursuing totalitarian politics because they follow Islam."

    Ah, yes, political correctness gone mad. Firstly, totalitarianism is, once again, about state power; "Islamofascists", as you seem to define them, are only in power in Iran. In the Muslim world, there are some totalitarian leaders who are immune to criticism in the West, such as Mubarek, the second biggest recipient of American aid. He is immune to criticism because he does America's bidding, not because he is Muslim. Muslim leaders in Iran are criticised ever time I turn on the TV. Do you live under a rock?

    You seem to be one of those people who holds oppressed people to the highest of Western moral, legal, and aesthetic standards, while excusing the activities of the powerful. Doubtless, you condemn suicide bombing on the basis of pure pacifism ("no military activity that takes civilian lives is ever legitimate") while excusing civilian deaths caused by the powerful (because "they were rooting out suicide bombers"). If you can't see the obvious flaw in that argument, then you are not fit to comment on anything.

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